Meet Virtelo,
the receptionist with a personal touch

Touchscreen technology that provides your office visitors with a unique and friendly alternative to the typical front desk receptionist.

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Virtelo allows your visitors to quickly communicate that they have arrived

Virtelo is really easy to use. Your guests simply press the touchscreen display to call the person they are visiting. Virtelo creates a more secure office environment and is perfect for installation in any vestibule or reception desk.

Virtelo - Virtual Receptionist

Increased Office Security

Office security should be on the minds of business owners. Through the use of Virtelo, companies can lock their doors to protect employees and data, yet still provide a personal touch to visitors and guests.

Everything You Need

Virtelo hardware packages include your choice of a touchscreen display with an integrated Windows 10 PC and speakers, and a professional-grade low-profile microphone.


Administrative functions for Virtelo are controlled from a secure web-based console, including updating the employee directory with names, job titles, departments, phone numbers, etc.

Virtelo - Virtual Receptionist

Revolutionize your front desk with Virtelo

Virtelo allows your visitors to securely interact with your team for less cost than an employee who is just keeping an eye on the front door.

Its web-based interface allows you to manage your employee directory with ease.

Virtelo is compatible with any phone system or cell phone, but all you really need is an internet connection and a power outlet.

A simple solution for a complex problem

The business environment has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, and the way we interact with people has changed. Virtelo, the touchscreen receptionist, is one such innovation that has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their visitors.

Virtelo enables businesses to take advantage of our technology that reduces staffing costs and increases building security. We do this while still providing a friendly approach to the visitor reception area.

Choose Your Display Size

Our touchscreens deliver a large format in a slim, integrated package. With only a power and network cable connected, messy cable management is non-existent.

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