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How Virtelo's touchscreen receptionist brought innovation to an established business



Beacon Athletics - Virtelo Touchscreen Receptionist


Beacon Athletics, a renowned name in the sports equipment manufacturing industry, has been serving its customers since 1948. With their recent move to a new office building, the company faced challenges in managing and welcoming visitors to its facility. With no front desk or receptionist, visitors often experienced confusion and delay in finding the person they intended to meet. This led to inefficient use of employee time, frustration among visitors, and security concerns.
Beacon Athletics' new office building lacked a central point of contact for visitors. The absence of a receptionist desk caused problems as guests tried to locate the person they intended to meet within the building. Employees were frequently disrupted from their work to help visitors navigate the building, causing interruptions and decreased productivity.
The absence of a front desk or a visitor management system raised security concerns as well, as unauthorized personnel could gain access to their office.
Beacon Athletics wanted to make a positive first impression on visitors, which was challenging without a dedicated front desk or receptionist.
The Solution: Virtelo
Beacon Athletics addressed their issues by implementing Virtelo, a touchscreen receptionist system. Virtelo revolutionized Beacon Athletics’ visitor management needs by allowing visitors to contact their host quickly and easily, enhanced their security, and provided a professional and welcoming experience to all guests.
With Virtelo installed in their lobby area, visitors are now able to efficiently connect with the person they came to see. Visitors approach the touchscreen and select the name of their host from an easy-to-use directory. Once a visitor makes their selection, Virtelo promptly connects them with their host through a phone call. This eliminates the need for employees to be physically present in the lobby or vestibule and helps maintain their productivity.
Visitors at Beacon Athletics now experience a seamless and professional process, ensuring a positive first impression. With Virtelo handling visitor management, employees can focus on their tasks without frequent interruptions. Virtelo has significantly improved security by allowing Beacon to lock their front door and prevent visitors from entering their office unescorted.
Beacon Athletics successfully resolved their visitor management challenges by implementing Virtelo. The solution significantly enhanced the visitor experience, increased productivity, and improved security while creating a lasting positive impression on visitors. Beacon Athletics now operates with a streamlined and efficient visitor management process, demonstrating its commitment to providing a safe, professional, and welcoming environment for all employees and guests.

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