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What is Virtelo?
Virtelo is a subscription service that provides your office visitors with a unique and friendly alternative to the typical front desk receptionist. Watch our video to understand how Virtelo is redefining the virtual receptionist.
Why would I want Virtelo in my office?
Virtelo provides many great benefits, including increased office security, decreased staffing costs, and providing an efficient way for your visitors to connect with your staff upon entering your building.
How can Virtelo provide increased security at my office?
If your office building has a vestibule, the second set of doors can be locked to prevent unauthorized access into your building. Visitors then use the Virtelo touchscreen display to call the person they are visiting. Virtelo prevents visitors and unauthorized people from entering your office.
How do I install Virtelo?
If you can hang a flat panel TV on your wall at home, you will be able to install Virtelo at your place of business. An electrician may be necessary if a new power outlet or new network jack is not currently at the location of installation. The Virtelo touchscreen is made by Elo, and uses the VESA mounting system.
Must my office have a vestibule, or can Virtelo be placed at a reception desk?
While you receive the biggest office security benefit by placing Virtelo in a locked vestibule, it can certainly be set up at a reception desk or wherever you need it. Virtelo's 32" display has an optional stand to set on a desk.
What do I receive when I sign up for Virtelo?
A Virtelo subscription can be purchased with or without hardware. If you'd like our hardware, we ship you all the necessary components you’ll need to get started, which includes your size choice of touchscreen display, an integrated Windows 10 PC, integrated speakers, and a professional microphone. You also receive your usernames and passwords for logging in to your Virtelo touchscreen and the Virtelo Admin Console, which allows you to customize your employee directory.
Can I control my own Virtelo contacts?
Absolutely! You do this by logging into the Virtelo web-based admin console. From there, you can manage your employee directory, upload your logo, and adjust a number of other settings.
Can I change the appearance of my Virtelo?
If you require specific design needs, we can help create a custom theme that matches your current branding. At the moment, Virtelo doesn't allow you to edit fonts and colors, but that's certainly on our list to develop.
What do I need in order for Virtelo to work at my office?
Virtelo is compatible with any phone system or cell phone provider, but all you really need is an internet connection and a power outlet. Direct-dial phone numbers are required as Virtelo cannot simply call an extension.
Who do I contact if I need help?
Call us anytime at 608-443-4030, or send us a message through our website
It would be cool if...
We hear this a lot. Many of you have great ideas on how to improve Virtelo, and we’re constantly working on delivering new features. Virtelo was developed in 2014. Since then, we’ve added many significant additions and will continue to do so. If you have an idea on how to make Virtelo even better, let us know, we’d like to hear from you.
What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel the Virtelo service anytime, but the hardware you purchased is yours to keep and cannot be returned.